Clix Live For Venues

Set the vibe with flexible and customisable music streaming for your venue
Developed and Supported Locally
Clix Live was developed from the very start, right here in Australia using an experienced team based in Newcastle, NSW.
Always Keeping Pace
Our company has kept pace with the evolution of the jukebox since the late 1950s and we know streaming is the future.
Easy to Learn Intuitive Technology
Our system is easy for staff to learn and use with a tablet-based mobile platform.
Get the Vibe Just Right
Background music sets the tone in any environment and goes a long way to keep customers engaged and entertained.
You Control the Playlist
Clix Live is flexible so you tailor the playback to best suit your venue, any time of day or night.
Engage and Entertain
Access to streaming music in a venue engages customers and provides passive entertainment at a comparatively low cost.
No Fuss Install
We handle the installation of Clix Live utilising a rack or shelf mount that integrates with your audio system.
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