Our Story

From Jukebox to Music Streaming

Newcastle Amusements Distributing (NAD) has been supplying quality amusement equipment across Newcastle, the North Coast, Metro and Regional NSW since 1956.

Having installed everything from pool tables to pinball machines, we’ve also kept pace with the progression of the jukebox. From the classic 45 player we handled in the ’50s and ’60s to the CD era that brought us through to the 2000s and on to the transition to digital, we’ve always ensured our customers had access to the latest technology.

Today that technology is taken another step forward and is led by streaming services. This move prompted us to invest in this latest progression in partnership with Business Success Partners Australia, experts in business strategies and process, to develop a proprietary in-venue streaming system, Clix Live.

By installing Clix Live, a venue has complete control over the music being played simply by using our web-app. Staff can set the mood for the day or night by reaching for the tablet and tailoring a playlist to suit the clientele. Clix Live is also a jukebox in a web-app for those wanting to hear their favourite tunes while visiting the venue.

Just as familiar as any other music streaming service, Clix Live is easy to use and provides a greater level of engagement, entertainment and enjoyment with no front-of-house install required. Everything you need is just a few clicks away on a smartphone.

Our mission is to deliver a customisable, interactive music solution that will connect venues with customers and make sure everyone has a great time out.